Freemasonry revolves around a number of timeless principles, such as truth, honour, decency, kindness and support.

Over the last few hundred years the staples of everyday life such as culture, technology, welfare and education have changed enormously, but the timeless principles on which Freemasonry is founded have not, while their importance for leading a well-rounded life has only increased.

These principles are the basis for all Freemasonry’s teachings and together form a moral code which Freemasons themselves strive to live by.

What is Freemasonry NOT?

Despite what many great fictional stories that mention Freemasonry, it is not a religion, or an anti-religion. It is neither devil worship, nor does it exclude women. Nor is it an organisation which secretly controls the world.

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry IS one of the world’s oldest fraternal organisations which is open to all men over 18, who seek to better themselves, through timeless teachings, and the wisdom that can only come from others.

Women are encouraged to participate in many of our functions, and there are even sister Masonic organisations.

Freemasonry IS a non-profit organisation that donates millions of dollars every year to charities.

There are many local Lodges, which are governed by a State-wide Grand Lodge – in our case this is the United Grand Lodge of Queensland, which is located in the heart of Brisbane, on Ann Street.

Our members meet on the 1st Friday of each month in the Southport Masonic Centre, on 76 Nerang Street in Southport, next door to the BMW centre.

You have probably driven past the Southport Masonic Centre a thousand times without even noticing!

We meet on the first Friday of each month in the Masonic Centre, 76 Nerang Street, Southport.

A Masonic meeting consists of a short business meeting, followed by the working ceremony of the night, which is usually the entry of a new member, or the raising of an existing member. These ceremonies use the building of King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem as a metaphor for building a good life, based on strong values.